Addicted to Wax - Brazilian Waxing Specialist
Get beautified & bare!
Boost your self-confidence, get ready for your hot date or beach vacation!  Heck - just try something sexy, daring, new & exciting because you've always wanted!  Be spontaneous!!!! 
Brazilian waxing is a very private thing - why show your most private body part to a different person each time you wax?  Mary is only waxing specialist at Addicted to Wax and 99% of her business is Brazilian waxing; the other 1% is waxing other body parts.  That means each time you come in, you are ensured that you will always have the same person wax you.  You will be able to build a trusting relationship, which means a relaxing waxing experience.
Appointments are required and are available 7 days a week.  Want to get waxed before you go to work? Early morning appointments are also available:
Repeat customers get their own private wax container so there is no chance of cross-contamination & you receive the most hygenic wax possible.
Why wax?  You won't have to shave daily & get those nasty red bumps or use those stinky depilitory creams that burn off your hair & can cause hyperpigmentation.  Additionally, your hair grows back thinner & less coarse, and it will not itch when it grows back!  All it takes is 30-45 minutes. 
After the wax service is finished, all new clients say the same thing: "That wasn't as bad as I expected!"  Mary has over 9 years experience in Brazilian waxing & is among the most qualified in the industry because that's what she does every day. Our main business is Brazilian Waxing for both women & men, so we can assure you that we will make it as less painful & comfortable as possible.  Full body waxing also available.
IMPORTANT:  If you are on medications, please let us know when you are booking your appt.  Some medications can cause a reaction with waxing.
- Don't use lotions or oils on your skin before you come in so that the wax will stick.
- Timing is important: waxing in the middle of your cycle is the least painful time to wax because of hormone levels in the blood.
- Your hair should be 1/4" to 1/2" long when you come in.
- If this is your first time & you're nervous, limit caffeine before you come in so you're not so jittery.
POST-WAXING SUGGESTIONS to limit irritation:
- No tanning, exercise, lake or ocean swimming, scented lotions or oils, hot showers or hot baths for 24 hours after your wax.  It is also important to wax every 4 weeks to limit ingrown hair as well as not to wear tight clothing for ingrown hair prevention.
Pricing Guidelines:
Brazilian wax: $41 ask for details
French wax: $47 ask for details
Bikini wax (bikini line only): $15+
Brows: $10-$15
Lip: $5
Chin: $5
Full leg: $57
Calves only: $21
Thighs only: $36
Underarms: $10
Full arm: $26
Half arm: $21
Stomach: $10
Glutes: $10
Male Brazilian wax: $67+
Glutes (not incl crack): $10+
Crack only: $25+
Chest: $31
Stomach: $21+
Back: $25+
Full leg: $57+
Calves only: $25
Thighs only: $35
Underarms: $10+
Full arms: $31
1/2 arm: $21
Shoulders: $10

Call today for an appointment: 404.725.3788
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